1. Why is organic hemp protein powder is better than whey protein?

    Well let’s start by stating the obvious “Cow’s milk is meant for baby cows” and “Human Milk is meant for baby humans” this is not too hard to figure out. Cow’s milk is designed to meet the needs of a young calf. A young calf that is meant to add more weight than a baby human in the same timeframe needs more protein whereas human milk has more carbohydrates than cow’s milk with fewer proteins. The fat in human milk is slightly higher than the cow’s milk. If you have more milk proteins means that species has a faster growth rate. The fatty acid composition of 100g of whole cow’s milk shows that 2.5g of saturated fat, 1.0g of monounsaturated fat and 0.1g of polyunsaturated fat. The human fatty acid breakdown of 100g of human milk has 1.8g of saturated fat, 1.6g of monounsaturated fat and 0.5g of polyunsaturated fat. 

    Casein is 87% of the dairy cow’s protein, and studies have shown us the link that casein promotes the cancer process.

    Dairy brings toxins into the body thru the digestion of dairy. In the forms of pesticides and other chemicals that the dairy cows might have digested. These neurotoxins found in dairy can have a long-lasting effect. There have been studies that state that Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) found in dairy products have been linked to Parkinson’s Disease.

    Scientists have discovered that cow’s BCM-7 has an opioid-like effect on the brain. Other studies showed that when human infants digest cow’s milk and then when converted to BCM-7, it showed a delay in psychomotor development and muscle tone. Human casomorphin has seven amino acids, Tyr-Pro-Phe-Val-Glu-Pro-Ile, while bovine casomorphins have a two amino acid difference. The bovine casomorphin has seven amino acids as well, Tyr-Pro-Phe-Pro-Gly-Pro-Ile. Bovine casomorphins act like morphine. The morphine-like effect on humans have been shown to interfere with opioid and serotonin receptors.

    So the bottom line here is plant-based proteins are a better protein solution for your body than whey and casein proteins. Whey is a dairy based protein.

  2. What is the best way to consume organic hemp protein powder?

    One of the best way to consume organic hemp protein powder is to mix 3 TBSP in a vegetable or fruit smoothie each morning.

  3. Why is organic hemp protein powder a better source than animal proteins?

    According to research hemp protein powder is a better source for proteins than animal proteins. With the animal proteins come toxins that can be in the animal fat. Research has also shown red meat as a high risk for colorectal cancer. Scientists have also stated that non-heme iron sources found in plants are a better iron source than the heme iron source found in animals. 

  4. How often should I take organic hemp protein powder?

    Most people want the right amino acids in their body each day. 3 TBSP's is a great way to start each day. 

  5. How long will one 16 ounce container of organic hemp protein powder last?

    If you take 3 TBSP's of P53 Smart Foods Hemp Protein Powder each day, the 16oz size will last 15 days.

  6. Is there a discount if I buy a case at a time?

    Yes, if you purchase a case at a time you can save $10.50 per case.

  7. How long will a case last?

    A case is enough for 90 days if you are starting each day with 3 TBSP's of P53 Hemp Protein Powder in your smoothies.

  8. Can I take organic hemp protein powder while I am pregnant?

    This answer should come from your doctor. 

  9. Will I fail a drug test if I eat hemp?

    Hemp and marijuana come from the same type of plant Cannabis sativa L, marijuana comes from high THC varieties in the bud and leaves. The marijuana type is a shorter plant while the hemp variety is a taller plant. Hemp contains a very low trace amounts of THC. Our hemp has been tested and the results show no THC found at <0.24371ppm the specification is <10. Hemp contains less than 1% THC. Hemp foods from reputable companies such as P53 Smart Foods have their hemp tested to insure only trace amounts. You would have to ingest a large quantity of hemp to fail a test. 3 TBSP each day is not a large quantity. Please check with your doctor and your place of work if you have any concerns before consuming.

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