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Why P53 Smart Foods you ask?  P53 is called the “Guardian of the Gnome” P53 is a tumor suppressor gene which helps prevent cancer.  When you eat smart, using foods that support your P53 genome you are helping support your immune system and helps prevent gene mutation which is harmful to our over all health.
I used to think that I was a healthy person, I exercised daily and ate what I thought was a healthy diet of vegetables and lean meat and fish…low carb etc., that all changed after reconnecting with an old high school friend Dave Brown.  He started to tell me about what he had learned from over 10 years of research on  how what we eat is EVERYTHING to our health, if you put bad in your body will get bad out of your body he said how important it is to protect our P53 gene to keep our cells stable and  healthy. This hit home with me since I had lost my insurance recently so the fear of getting sick and going to the doctor resonated with me, I needed to do everything in my control to avoid getting sick.  Living a plant based diet supports the P53 gene and understanding why it is important to your health and more than ever to have a healthy immune system has changed my life.  Sharing my lifestyle and reasons for my lifestyle impressed my ex husband Chuck as he too was looking for a healthier way of eating, however as a busy CEO of a company he needed to have fast and easy foods available to him thus we decided to start a company that could help people that want to eat “Smart” and want products they can trust and that will be good for them that will also taste good too! 
Dave Brown’s upcoming P53 Diet books and lifestyle diet plans help people customize meal plans to fit their health needs.  You will find hundreds of plant based recipes that support “Smart” eating many incorporating my products!  Please visit https://www.p53diet.com to subscribe to a healthier way of eating, be smart and protect your p53 gene!
Lisa A. Peterson

Who is P53 Smart Foods?

Lisa A. Peterson CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to eat smart and live a healthy lifestyle by eating our products.  Our customers will know that every ingredient will be researched to ensure that our products will only promote good health and will be of the highest quality.  We promise to only use ingredients  that will benefit your health, and will not have any harmful dyes or additives.  Our continued research in plant based nutrition and your health will always be our #1 priority because P53 Smart Foods cares about you and your desire to trust that the food you are eating is good and good for you!

We will bringing more products to market soon!